Photograph of Annesley and Felley Parish Cemetery

Annesley and Felley Parish Cemetery was sited near to the Church in 1872 and included a Mortuary Chapel.

The cemetery is situated just off Annesley Cutting, up the driveway to the Church the Cemetery is just on the left.


The Cemetery grounds are open from dawn until dusk throughout the year.

All enquiries should be made to the Annesley and Felley Parish Council.

Detailed below are the Rules and Regulations for families who have purchased or who wish to purchase a Deed of Exclusive Right of Burial in Annesley Cemetery.

Also below is a list of charges for the Cemetery.

Rules & Regulations

Below is a summarised version of the Parish Council Cemetery Rules and Regulations (you can find the complete rules and regulations under downloads).

The Parish Council wishes to make families and visitors aware of the following Rules and Regulations:

  1. Parish Council permission must be obtained in writing prior to the placing of any memorial or headstone.
  2. The Parish Council will undertake to turf or seed the grave as soon as it is practically possible following interment.
  3. The only permitted memorials on a grave will be a headstone which can incorporate a flower container.
  4. The fixing of flat stones or kerb sets will not be permitted. Enclosing borders of any description or raised plots are also not permitted.
  5. Future memorials must not be of wood, metal, glass, concrete or synthetic materials and shall not be painted.
  6. No trees, shrubs, or bulbs shall be planted on or near graves.
  7. The Parish Council reserves the right to remove any headstones, vases, trees, shrubs, bulbs and other tributes that are not compliant with the foregoing conditions.
  8. The surface of a grave must not be obstructed and must remain flat for easy mowing.
  9. No trenches or other means of marking the boundary of a grave are permitted.
  10. All new graves are lawn type and as such will be maintained by the Parish Council.
  11. The Parish Council or its officially appointed agents have the right to remove any dead or damaged wreathes or tributes from a grave without prior consultation. All Christmas wreathes or tributes will be removed after 28th February each year.
  12. Nothing is to stand on the grass in front of the area reserved for the base of a head stone.
  13. Only authorised vehicles are allowed in the Cemetery and it is an offence to drive a vehicle anywhere in the Cemetery except on the main drive.
  14. When new graves are being prepared there may be some short term disruption to neighbouring graves owing to soil displacement.
  15. The Parish Council reserves the right from time to time to revise these rules.


Burial charges (from 1st December 2023)
Item Residents Non-residents*
Exclusive Right of Burial £370 £740
Preparation of 1.8m grave for 1 person (maximum size 2.75m by 1.25m) ** £570 £1010
Preparation of 2.4m grave for 2 people (maximum size 2.75m by 1.25m) ** £640 £1110
Re-opening fee for 2nd interment £570 £1010
Erection of headstone (Must be NAMMS) £110 £220
Additional inscription £60 £120
*Or not lived in the Parish for the past 2 years.

** Note - An additional grave preparation charge of £130 will apply to any oversized coffin (greater than 30 inches width). With effect from May 2021 the burial of caskets will not be allowed/permitted due to space and unstable ground issues.

Cremated remains charges (from 1st December 2023)
Item Residents Non-residents*
Exclusive Right of Burial (750mm by 750mm plot) £220 £440
Burial of casket (Maximum of 2 in each plot) £230 £380
Embedding of plaque/stone (not larger than 300mm by 300mm) £110 £220
Single embedded vase £60 £120
*Or not lived in the Parish for the past 2 years.