Published 08 March 2022

Annesley and Felley Parish Council condemns in the strongest possible terms the war being waged in Ukraine by the tyrant Vladimir Putin.

This Parish, its councillors, and its residents stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine as they seek to guarantee their sovereignty and the safety of their citizens in the most atrocious possible circumstances.

We also wish to commend the amazing spirit shown around the world as humanitarian forces come together in an almost unprecedented fashion to provide relief to the besieged citizens of this democratic nation. In Annesley Parish we have seen this spirit come through in the most amazing fashion as residents and businesses of all ages have gone above and beyond in collecting what they can to help send to those most currently in need.

In short, the Parish would like to say thank you. We would also like to finish with an appeal on behalf of the citizens of Ukraine and of the Aid agencies fighting to provide them with basic goods we take for granted. Aid agencies are clear now that the best way we can help is through cash donations, please find at the bottom of this statement a link to the Disasters Emergency Committee Appeal so that anybody who wishes to donate can.

Once again, thank you for showing the unbeatable spirit and charity of our Annesley community

Daniel Williamson (Chairman) on behalf of all Annesley Parish Councillors
Ukraine Statement of Solidarity (PDF)