The youth club was started in 2005 by local volunteers and funded by various charities and fund raising activities.

In 2012, with funding from various organisations such as the Coalfield Regeneration Trust, Ashfield District Council Section 106 money and Persimmon Homes a purpose built youth club and revamp of the existing building was completed.

The facilities provide a tuck shop, free play pool table, air hockey table, football table, Play Station, X Box One, arts and crafts and various sports equipment.

Over the past ten years, many young people have benefited from residential trips and day trips we have organised at very little, if any cost to the individuals. These include to mention a few, Drayton Manor, Tenpin bowling, Quaser Elite, Walesby Scout Camp, Nottingham Ice Arena, Dukes Barn (Derbyshire ), Pantomime, theatre, street art and dance projects to mention a few.

Our current opening times are Wednesdays 6:30pm to 8:30pm and there is a 75p charge to people living within the parish and £1 to others.

We are always looking for suitable volunteers to get involved and support this service. If you think you may be able to or would like any further details, please contact Tom at; majortom7554@ or leave a text message on 07935348979 and we will get back to you a.s.a.p.